"StarcraftUnits.info" Game Trainer


| Jan 2011 |

This was a "quick-but-clean" project to provide a training site for gamers of a popular computer game, Starcraft 2. The game is basically a "wargame simulation" and one of the quickest ways to learn the game, apart from the operational know-how, is to learn the counter-units and target units for each fighting unit.

I wanted to experiment with Ruby On Rails' capability for quickly specifying "business objects" and how they interrelate. In this case, each game unit can have multiple "predator" as well as multiple "prey" units, enabled by a self-recursive relationship of the Unit class.

The great thing about Ruby On Rails is that you Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY). Getting CRUD (CReate, Update, Delete) forms up and running is a snap. It took me longer to enter the content for this site than to actually build it -- and this is one of the goals of Ruby On Rails -- reducing actual "progamming" to a minimum and allowing stakeholders to focus on the business logic of the application.

 Linux / Apache / MySQL / Ruby On Rails

 Eclipse / SVN / Navicat